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Throughout the world there are millions of smart, talented women who are looking to be more than their circumstances.  They desire financial independence as much as women in the United States and other developed countries, but are limited by a whole host of obstacles.  Despite these hurdles, which can include everything from cultural norms and expectations, to childbirth, parenting, and caring for elders, to poverty, lack of infrastructure and political realities, the number of women entrepreneurs around the world has swelled to numbers greater than men.  Often, the challenge isn’t getting started, it’s staying on track.  In most developing countries, because of the barriers to their success, the failure rate of women owned business is far greater than those started by men.

Moreover, while there is more opportunity than ever before for girls and women to obtain secondary and post-secondary education or skills training, these paths are not universally offered or encouraged.  Helping a woman fill education gaps by recognizing and encouraging her strengths, tenacity and commitment increases the success and opportunities of women everywhere.

eWomen supports women who are working hard to change their lives and can benefit from the support that a coach, mentor or network of colleagues can give.  The kind of collaborative reinforcement that most of us take for granted can go a long way in helping these women achieve sustainable success.  In turn, their success will help them support their families, keep their children healthy and help their communities grow and prosper. 

Getting help from eWomen

Wondering if you could benefit from a coach or mentor.  Are in a new career or would like to get more from your career?  Do you have a business of your own or are you thinking about starting one?  A coach or mentor can help you make the most of your career or help you grow your business so that are as successful as possible.  Click here to learn more about our programs and how you can register with eWomen.

Photos courtesy of The Guardian, Global Development, International Woman’s Day, 2012.


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