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Our Programs

eWomen programs are designed to provide a rich and rewarding experience for both the coach/mentor and their protégé partner through well-defined goals and accountable measures of success that can be built on.   The common theme of our coaching and mentoring programs is that they both offer a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enables the coached person to achieve success in one or more areas of their life or work.  In both coaching and mentoring, the objective is not to tell someone else what they need to do, but help them find solutions and options on their own.   

Can a Coach or Mentor Help You?
Coaches help you improve their performance by helping you overcome obstacles to their success.  They help you define goals and develop a “road map” for getting there.  Think about what a sports coach does:  they help their “coachee” develop, grow and improve.  That is what personal and professional coaching is about as well—helping another person realize their own potential.  If you think this sounds like the kind of help you could use or you would just like to talk to someone about the best option for you, click here and complete the short form.  Someone from eWomen will be back in touch with you shortly.

Mentors can take on many different roles depending on your needs and situation.  They might be a trusted advisor, teacher, motivator and coach.  It is up to you and your mentor to decide on the level of involvement you believe best to help you achieve your goals. Guidance and formal mentoring frameworks will be provided by eWomenWrite to us for more information or complete the Request a Coach/Mentor and we will help you decide if a mentor is best for you.

Training for Coaches and Mentors
At eWomen, we believe in the inherent nurturing abilities of women and we want relationships between coaches/mentors and their partners to develop naturally.  We do realize that questions of "how and where to start?" can be daunting.  To help coaches/mentors get off on the right foot, we have training webinars; ongoing and as needed guidance from eWomen and; frameworks for working with your partner.  We also provide short country specific fact sheets including information on cultural sensitivities to help coaches/mentors gain some understanding of their partner's environment.

To learn more about becoming a coach or mentor, please visit our Volunteer page.

Coming Soon:  "Experts on Call"  and eWomen Online Networking!  Add your name to our email list by sending an email to info@e-wmn.org and we will add  you to our list for future updates and news!


Photos courtesy of The Guardian, Global Development, International Woman’s Day, 2012.


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