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Computers for Kenyan Women...Small Effort, Big Returns

Kenya Laptops

Campaign to Provide Computers


For the last year, eWomen has been working with the wonderful women of the AGOCH KOWIDI DEVELOPMENT GROUP in Kenya coaching them to think about ways to improve their ability to earn a liveable income. 

AGOCH is made up of nearly 70 women from the Kokal, Kodera and Rawinji villages of Homa Bay County who have organized themselves in an effort to grow, learn and support each other be more than their current circumstances.

Within the group, more than 30 are HIV positive.  Many are widows or their husbands are infected.  There are teenage mothers and grandmothers ranging in age from 16 to 70.  Their stories are not that different than those of women all across Africa.  And like a lot of their sisters, they have the drive and determination to want something more for themselves and their families.  They are willing to work hard to make change happen.  What they don’t have are computers to connect them to the world outside their village or even a cyber café close enough by to make regular conversations possible, so we are coaching them through Skype to cell phone calls and periodic emails.

We would like to do more.  We want to be able to coach and mentor more of these women.  We have raised enough to purchase one computer for the group, which they share.  It is a good start, but with more computers greater advancement can be known and will open up these women to a world of possibilities that never existed before. We hope you can help.


Please donate today and help change a life forever!


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